1: "Schnitzel" Enjoy a crispy breaded veal or pork cutlet, served with potatoes or salad.

2: "Currywurst" Savor a sliced sausage topped with curry ketchup and served with fries.

3: "Sauerbraten" Indulge in marinated pot roast with gravy, red cabbage, and dumplings.

4: "Käsespätzle" Treat yourself to cheesy egg noodles topped with fried onions.

5: "Weißwurst" Try a traditional Bavarian white sausage served with sweet mustard.

6: "Rouladen" Delight in thin beef rolls stuffed with bacon, onions, and pickles.

7: "Rote Grütze" Satisfy your sweet tooth with a mixed berry pudding topped with cream.

8: "Kartoffelsalat" Enjoy a classic potato salad tossed with onions, vinegar, and mustard.

9: "Apfelstrudel" End your meal with a warm apple strudel served with vanilla sauce.

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