1: "Classic Navy Suit Timeless choice for formal affairs, weddings included. Pair with a crisp white shirt and a bold tie."

2: "Modern Grey Suit Sleek and versatile option for any dress code. Stand out with a patterned pocket square."

3: "Sharp Black Tuxedo Elegant choice for black-tie events. Add a bow tie and patent leather shoes for a polished look."

4: "Stylish Blue Blazer Casual yet refined option for semi-formal weddings. Pair with tailored trousers and loafers."

5: "Traditional Charcoal Suit Versatile and sophisticated choice that suits any wedding theme. Ideal for a sleek and timeless look."

6: "Dapper Cream Waistcoat Perfect for rustic or outdoor weddings. Style with a white shirt and tan brogues for a relaxed vibe."

7: "Chic Velvet Dinner Jacket Luxurious option for formal events. Stand out with a velvet lapel and a silk pocket square."

8: "Trendy Patterned Suit Make a statement with a bold pattern for a fashion-forward look. Keep accessories simple to let the suit shine."

9: "Relaxed Linen Suit Ideal for beach or destination weddings. Stay cool and stylish with a lightweight linen suit and loafers."

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