1: 1. Keep harmful chemicals away from pets during Holi celebrations. 2. Use safe, organic colors for your furry friends. 3. Make sure your pets have a safe and quiet space to retreat to.

2: 4. Avoid loud noise and crowded areas to keep your pets stress-free. 5. Keep a close eye on your pets to prevent accidental ingestion of harmful substances.

3: 6. Ensure your pets stay hydrated by providing fresh water throughout the day. 7. Keep your furry friends indoors during peak Holi celebrations to avoid accidents.

4: 8. Monitor your pets for any signs of distress or discomfort. 9. Create a calm and relaxing environment for your pets to enjoy the festival safely.

5: 10. Provide proper nutrition for your pets before and after Holi festivities. 11. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals like spray colors near your pets.

6: 12. Use pet-safe sunscreen if your furry friends will be outdoors during Holi. 13. Keep your pets on a leash to prevent them from running into traffic or other dangers.

7: 14. Visit your veterinarian before Holi to ensure your pets are in good health. 15. Keep emergency contact information handy in case of any pet-related incidents.

8: 16. Consider using pet-friendly alternatives to traditional Holi colors. 17. Keep your pets away from bonfires or other potentially hazardous activities.

9: 18. Be mindful of the temperature and keep your pets cool and comfortable. 19. Shower your furry friends with love and attention to make Holi a positive experience for them.

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