1: Explore the history of Mediterranean cuisine with these ancient anti-inflammatory dishes.

2: Learn how to add turmeric, a key anti-inflammatory ingredient, to your Mediterranean dishes.

3: Discover the benefits of incorporating olive oil into your anti-inflammatory cooking routine.

4: Try traditional Greek salad with fresh veggies and herbs for a healthy dose of antioxidants.

5: Revive the Middle Eastern staple, hummus, for a tasty, anti-inflammatory snack.

6: Savor the flavors of tabbouleh, a Lebanese dish packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

7: Cook up a batch of lentil soup, a Mediterranean comfort food loaded with anti-inflammatory properties.

8: Bring the taste of Spain to your table with a refreshing gazpacho, perfect for reducing inflammation.

9: End your meal with a serving of baklava, a sweet treat with anti-inflammatory nuts and honey.

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