1: Indulge in tasty Mediterranean flavors with quick pasta and seafood dishes!

2: Try a zesty shrimp scampi pasta for a savory weeknight meal.

3: Whip up a delicious seafood linguine with garlic and white wine sauce.

4: Enjoy a classic spaghetti vongole with clams and chili flakes.

5: Savor a creamy seafood fettuccine alfredo in under 30 minutes.

6: Treat yourself to a flavorful Mediterranean seafood orzo with olives.

7: Delight in a lemony shrimp and arugula tagliatelle for a fresh twist.

8: Whip up a quick and easy Mediterranean seafood penne with tomatoes.

9: Explore a spicy seafood spaghetti aglio e olio for a kick of flavor!

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