1: Actor Kang Ha Neul mesmerizes with his charming looks, driving the actress crazy.

2: Swooning over her beauty, Kang Ha Neul captivates hearts on set.

3: The actress is left speechless by Kang Ha Neul's undeniable charm.

4: Their on-screen chemistry sizzles as Kang Ha Neul swoons over her.

5: Fans are obsessed with Kang Ha Neul's irresistible charisma on screen.

6: The actress is flustered as Kang Ha Neul repeatedly compliments her beauty.

7: Kang Ha Neul's swooning gestures leave the actress blushing.

8: Their romantic scenes are filled with Kang Ha Neul's swooning expressions.

9: Kang Ha Neul's enchanting gaze leaves the actress completely captivated.

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