1: Brazil legend Rivaldo supports England to win Euro 2024, praises their potential at Wembley.

2: Rivaldo warns Brazil that Gareth Southgate's Three Lions pose a formidable challenge.

3: The Selecao facing a tough test against England, Rivaldo predicts an intense clash.

4: Rivaldo's backing of England signals a shift in power dynamics on the international stage.

5: Southgate's Three Lions strive for Euro glory, Rivaldo recognizes their strength.

6: Brazil legend acknowledges England's rise, predicts a thrilling showdown in Euro 2024.

7: Rivaldo anticipates an epic battle between two footballing giants at Wembley.

8: The Selecao must be prepared for a fierce challenge from Southgate's rejuvenated England squad.

9: Rivaldo's endorsement of England raises the stakes for Euro 2024, setting the stage for an electrifying tournament finale.

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