1: Title: Rishabh Pant's Net Trouble Content: DC coach Ricky Ponting had to pull Pant out due to his excessive batting in the nets.

2: Title: Pant's Intense Practice Content: Pant's relentless focus on batting caused concern for coach Ponting during training sessions.

3: Title: Balancing Act Content: Coach Ponting stepped in to prevent Pant from overexerting himself in the nets.

4: Title: Restraint Needed Content: Pant's commitment to practice led to Ponting taking action to maintain a balance in training.

5: Title: Understanding Pant Content: Ponting's decision to pull Pant out of the nets shows his concern for the young player's well-being.

6: Title: Ponting's Guidance Content: Ponting's intervention highlights his role in shaping Pant's development as a player.

7: Title: Importance of Rest Content: Ponting's actions emphasize the importance of rest and recovery in a player's training routine.

8: Title: Learning Experience Content: Pant's experience with Ponting demonstrates the value of mentorship in professional sports.

9: Title: Team Dynamics Content: Ponting's decision to pull Pant out of the nets reflects his dedication to the team's success.

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