1: "Maintain a neutral spine when lifting to avoid injury and strain. Keep back straight and engage core for support."

2: "Bend at the knees and hips, not the back, to lift heavy objects. Use proper form to protect your spine."

3: "Avoid twisting while lifting to prevent spinal injuries. Use your legs to power the lift and keep back stable."

4: "Use equipment like belts or braces for extra support when lifting heavy items. Protect your spine at all times."

5: "Keep the load close to your body when lifting to reduce strain on the spine. Lift with proper technique."

6: "Don't overexert yourself when lifting to protect your spine. Take breaks and ask for help if needed."

7: "Stretch and warm up before lifting to loosen muscles and prevent stiffness. Prioritize spine health during lifting activities."

8: "Practice proper lifting techniques regularly to maintain a healthy spine. Consult a professional for guidance if needed."

9: "Listen to your body when lifting to prevent spine injuries. Prioritize safety and form to protect your spine."

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