1: Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb reunite on the field with a jersey swap before the Browns make their return.

2: Former teammates Hunt and Chubb exchange jerseys in a heartwarming pre-game moment.

3: Hunt pays tribute to Chubb by sporting his jersey before the Browns face off.

4: Chubb shows his support for Hunt by donning his jersey ahead of the game.

5: The bond between Hunt and Chubb is on full display as they swap jerseys before kickoff.

6: Fans are touched as Hunt and Chubb share a special jersey exchange prior to their return.

7: The chemistry between Hunt and Chubb shines as they trade jerseys in a touching gesture.

8: Hunt and Chubb's friendship is evident as they swap jerseys in a pre-game ritual.

9: The Browns' dynamic duo of Hunt and Chubb share a heartwarming moment before taking the field.

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