1: Larry David and The Rock clashed over UFL goalposts removal. David wanted them gone, but The Rock didn't understand his request.

2: The confusion arose when David tried explaining his idea to The Rock, leading to a humorous disagreement between the two.

3: The Rock couldn't grasp David's concept, causing frustration for the Curb Your Enthusiasm creator.

4: Despite their differences, David persisted in trying to convince The Rock to remove the UFL goalposts.

5: The Rock remained adamant, not realizing the significance behind David's request.

6: The misunderstanding between the two escalated, with David's persistence leading to a humorous exchange.

7: Ultimately, The Rock refused to budge, leaving David exasperated by the lack of understanding.

8: The miscommunication between Larry David and The Rock highlighted the humorous side of their conflicting viewpoints.

9: Although the UFL goalposts remained, the encounter between David and The Rock became a humorous anecdote in their friendship.