1: KKR vs SRH Live Blog Updates: Natarajan Strikes! Venkatesh and Iyer Out.

2: Natarajan Shines, KKR vs SRH: Exciting Moments as Venkatesh and Iyer Fall.

3: Live Commentary: KKR vs SRH: Natarajan Sends Venkatesh, Iyer Packing.

4: Thrilling Match: KKR vs SRH Live: Key Wickets – Venkatesh, Iyer Dismissed by Natarajan.

5: Natarajan on Fire: KKR vs SRH: Venkatesh and Iyer Depart in Style.

6: KKR vs SRH Highlights: Natarajan Strikes, Venkatesh, Iyer Wickets Fall.

7: Natarajan's Magic, KKR vs SRH: Venkatesh, Iyer Out in Intense Match.

8: Natarajan’s Brilliance in KKR vs SRH: Venkatesh, Iyer Bowled Out with Style.

9: Unmissable Moments: KKR vs SRH: Natarajan Removes Venkatesh, Iyer – Excitement Unleashed.

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