1: "Jamaican Curry: A Flavorful Journey Begins" Experience a taste of Jamaica with our easy-to-follow curry recipe.

2: "Gather Your Ingredients" From aromatic spices to savory meats, gather everything you need to start cooking.

3: "Spice Things Up" Add the perfect blend of Jamaican spices to create a rich and flavorful curry base.

4: "Sear and Simmer" Sear your meats and veggies, then let them simmer in the fragrant curry sauce.

5: "Let it Simmer" Allow the flavors to meld together as your Jamaican curry simmers to perfection.

6: "Add a Touch of Heat" For an authentic Jamaican kick, add Scotch Bonnet peppers to spice up your curry.

7: "Serve and Enjoy" Plate your Jamaican curry with fluffy rice or warm roti for a delicious meal.

8: "Share the Love" Invite friends and family to savor the taste of Jamaican curry made with love.

9: "Master Jamaican Curry" In just 3 simple steps, you can master the art of making authentic Jamaican curry.

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