1: "Paramount announces NCIS Tony and Ziva spinoff series, exciting fans worldwide."

2: "Tony and Ziva reunite in new NCIS spinoff, set to captivate audiences."

3: "Exciting news for NCIS fans as Tony and Ziva return in spinoff series."

4: "Paramount's NCIS spinoff brings back beloved characters Tony and Ziva."

5: "Get ready to dive back into the world of NCIS with Tony and Ziva spinoff."

6: "Paramount orders NCIS spinoff featuring fan-favorite duo Tony and Ziva."

7: "Tony and Ziva back in action in new NCIS spinoff from Paramount."

8: "NCIS spinoff with Tony and Ziva greenlit by Paramount, fans rejoice."

9: "Exciting times ahead for NCIS fans with Tony and Ziva spinoff on the way."

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