1: "Nebraska's Season Ends in Heartbreak" The Cornhuskers fall to Texas A&M in a close game.

2: "A Tough Loss for Nebraska" Disappointment for fans as Nebraska is knocked out of the tournament.

3: "The Aggies Prevail Over Nebraska" Texas A&M secures the victory over Nebraska in a thrilling matchup.

4: "Nebraska Comes Up Short" Despite a strong effort, Nebraska is unable to advance in the tournament.

5: "A&M's Victory Over Nebraska" Texas A&M advances to the next round after defeating Nebraska.

6: "Nebraska's Tournament Run Ends" The Cornhuskers' journey in the NCAA Tournament comes to a close.

7: "Texas A&M Advances, Nebraska Falls Short" A tough loss for Nebraska as Texas A&M moves on in the tournament.

8: "Disappointment for Nebraska Fans" Heartbreak as Nebraska is eliminated from the NCAA Tournament.

9: "Looking Ahead for Nebraska" Despite the loss, Nebraska remains hopeful for the future.

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