1: Gabriel Macht, known for his role as Harvey Specter, is open to returning for a spinoff after the Louis Litt-based series was scrapped.

2: Following the cancellation of the original Suits spinoff, fans are hopeful for a potential return of their favorite character, Louis Litt.

3: Actor Rick Hoffman stated that he would consider reprising his role as Louis Litt in a new spinoff if the opportunity arises.

4: The original Suits series ended after nine successful seasons, leaving fans eager for more from the beloved characters.

5: Despite the disappointment of the cancelled spinoff, fans remain optimistic about the possibility of a new project featuring Louis Litt.

6: Gabriel Macht and Rick Hoffman have expressed interest in revisiting their Suits characters in a potential spinoff series.

7: The dynamic between Harvey Specter and Louis Litt was a highlight of the original Suits series, leading to fan speculation about a spinoff.

8: While the Louis Litt-based series may have been scrapped, fans hold out hope for a new project that reunites the iconic Suits characters.

9: With the door left open for a potential spinoff return, the future looks bright for the beloved characters of Suits.

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