1: "Try these 9 quick and healthy Mediterranean diet side dishes!"

2: "Roasted vegetables with herbs and olive oil make a delicious side dish."

3: "Serve a Greek salad with feta cheese and olives for a refreshing option."

4: "Hummus with whole grain pita bread is a satisfying and nutritious choice."

5: "Grilled eggplant topped with tahini sauce is a flavorful Mediterranean dish."

6: "Tabbouleh made with bulgur wheat, tomatoes, and parsley is a light option."

7: "Baked falafel with yogurt sauce is a protein-packed alternative."

8: "Stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs are a tasty addition to any meal."

9: "Lentil soup with spinach and lemon is a comforting and healthy side dish."

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