1: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 vs iPhone 14 Pro Max camera face-off!

2: Samsung boasts 108MP main sensor, while iPhone sports a 12MP lens.

3: Z Fold 5 offers up to 100x zoom, iPhone has up to 5x zoom.

4: Low-light performance is stellar on both devices, but Z Fold 5 excels in night mode.

5: Portrait mode on iPhone is more accurate, while Z Fold 5 provides better depth effect.

6: Video quality shines on both devices, with impressive stabilization features.

7: Z Fold 5's front camera offers 40MP, while iPhone's front camera is 12MP.

8: Overall winner? It's a tough call, but Z Fold 5 edges out with its versatility.

9: In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and iPhone 14 Pro Max both offer top-notch camera capabilities, catering to different photography preferences.

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