1: Simone Biles tells all about arguments with husband Jonathan Owens over who’s the superior athlete

2: Owens competes in NFL, while Biles dominates gymnastics world—couple at odds

3: Biles, Owens keep things light-hearted, competitive in their relationship dynamic

4: Social media buzzes over Biles, Owens’ playful disagreements on athleticism  

5: Dynamic duo embraces healthy rivalry, mutual support in their athletic pursuits

6: Biles, Owens use arguments as motivation, fuel for their respective sports

7: Fans intrigued by power couple’s playful banter, competitiveness  

8: Despite differences, Biles, Owens remain united in love, shared athletic passions  

9: Biles, Owens prove love conquers all—even arguments over who’s the better athlete

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