1: Actress Gina Torres responds to Meghan Markle's absence at the Golden Globes with a blunt statement.

2: Torres maintains a candid stance on Markle's decision to skip the prestigious awards show.

3: The Suits star's straightforward response sheds light on the controversy surrounding Markle's absence.

4: Torres' comments add to the ongoing conversation about Markle's public appearances post-royalty.

5: Fans and critics alike weigh in on Torres' no-nonsense reaction to Markle's Golden Globes no-show.

6: The actress's blunt response sparks further discussion on the reasons behind Markle's absence.

7: Torres' unfiltered take on the situation highlights the sensitivity of the issue within the entertainment industry.

8: Markle's absence from the Golden Globes continues to generate buzz, with Torres' response at the forefront.

9: As the debate rages on, Torres' uncompromising stance sets the tone for discussions about Markle's public appearances.

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