1: 1. "Toy Story 5 brings back Woody and Buzz for another exciting adventure. Watch as they face new challenges in this heartwarming sequel."

2: 2. "Frozen 3 follows Elsa and Anna as they discover a new magical kingdom. Join them on a quest to save Arendelle once again."

3: 3. "Minions: The Rise of Gru explores Gru's origins and his journey to becoming a supervillain. Get ready for laughs and mischief."

4: 4. "Moana 2 takes us back to the Pacific Islands for another epic journey. Follow Moana as she sets sail on a new quest."

5: 5. "The Incredibles 3 sees the Parr family facing a new villain threat. Get ready for action-packed adventures with this super family."

6: 6. "Coco 2 brings back Miguel for another musical adventure in the Land of the Dead. Join him on a journey to uncover family secrets."

7: 7. "Trolls: World Tour 2 takes Poppy and Branch on a new musical adventure. Dance along with your favorite trolls in this colorful sequel."

8: 8. "Finding Dory 2 follows Dory as she embarks on a new adventure to find her family. Dive into the ocean with her in this heartwarming sequel."

9: 9. "Paddington 3 sees Paddington bear getting into more misadventures in London. Join him for more laughs and heartwarming moments."

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