1: Meet the new hero in The Suits spinoff series. Surprisingly, he has a secret connection with Harvey.

2: Harvey's past comes back to haunt him as the mysterious hero enters the scene. What's their connection?

3: The dynamic between Harvey and the new hero is electric. Secrets unfold, tensions rise in this spinoff.

4: As the plot thickens, secrets are revealed about the Harvey's past and the new hero's connection.

5: Watch as the new hero unravels the mystery behind his connection with Harvey, changing everything.

6: In this gripping spinoff, the truth about Harvey and the new hero's hidden connection is finally exposed.

7: Fans are on the edge of their seats as the new hero's secret ties to Harvey are brought to light.

8: The Suits spinoff series takes a dramatic turn as the new hero's connection to Harvey is unveiled.

9: Don't miss the thrilling twists and turns in The Suits spinoff, where the new hero's secret bond with Harvey changes everything.

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