1: Cristina Yang's no-nonsense attitude is summed up perfectly in this Grey's Anatomy moment.

2: She's confident, driven, and unapologetically herself - just like Cristina Yang.

3: Even Cristina herself would agree that this moment captures her essence flawlessly.

4: From groundbreaking surgeries to witty one-liners, Cristina Yang steals every scene she's in.

5: Her dedication to her work and her friendships defines Cristina Yang's character.

6: This moment showcases the complexity and depth of Cristina Yang's personality.

7: Fans can't help but admire Cristina Yang's strength and independence in this scene.

8: Cristina Yang proves that you can be a badass surgeon and a fiercely loyal friend.

9: This Grey's Anatomy moment truly encapsulates the iconic essence of Cristina Yang.

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